One of the most noticeable changes in engineering process is the introduction of Computer Aided Design (CAD)
and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). A factory can be fully automated by using computer technologies to
assist in the engineering design and manufacturing process.
An integrated CAD/CAM system utilizes computer generated components designed by a CAD program to
seamlessly transfer to manufacturing system.
Real time control and Robotics plays a significant role in achieving full factory automation and a high degree of
precision that is not possible with the human interface.
Automated Manufacturing Laboratory
Morcon Technologies, Inc.
This State of the art laboratory was designed and integerated for the Egyptian Military Technical College.

The Laboratory functions for teaching students the concepts of manufacturing automation.
A student starts with machine design on a workstation using advanced design software (IDEAS by SDRC)
The design is then converted into CAM code and down loaded to the appropriate machine over the network
The Robot is used for automatic loading/ unloading of material.
The system includes an audio visual network were the instructor can demonstrate a specific instruction to one or
all the student in the class. The instructor may at any time observe the progress of a student and my take control
of his/her station from his control station

CNC milling machine
Sink EDM machine
Wire EDM machine
Robot Arm
Computer network classroom
Design software