Manual Vapor Adsorption Test Cell
The third and forth streams are used in a similar matter to introduce controlled relative humidity to the gas.

The combined streams flow into the sample cup and is directed through 100 cm2 of sorptive material.
The adsorbent fabric samples are clamped between two halves of a custom designed test cell similar to the
dawson cups

System Components:

- Permeation test cell. Custom fabricated Figure 2
- Gas chromatograph HNU model 301.
- One vapor generator with two bubblers for the challenge and one for water.
- Three temperature control baths. (model P 12101-05) or equivalent
- Four mass flow controllers. (model P-32661-14)
- Relative humidity meter. Model (HMP 234)
- Computer.
Manual Dynamic Adsorption System
Morcon Technologies, Inc.
The system is capable of manually performing vapor permeation tests using
simulant as well as agent (like blistering agent).

System specifications:

A schematic diagram of the system is shown

Dry nitrogen entering the system is split into four streams, flow in each stream is
independently regulated using mass flow controllers.

The first stream bubbles through the liquid simulant at 0 deg. C (ice bath) to
generate the effluent gas.
The second stream is pure Nitrogen and is reunited with the first stream to
control simulant rates and total flow rates.