Morcon Technologies' team has an extensive and wide range of experience in robotics, custom automation
systems, machinery construction and engineering consulting. Nearly all of our engagements are accomplished as
fully integrated, turnkey projects. We fabricate the systems that we design at our long-time affiliates facility and
with sub contractors in the United States. Over the years, we have continuously expanded our capabilities and
expertise to solve complex challenges in a variety of industries.

Over a period of 20 years Morcon Technologies' team of engineers has a completed a significant number of
projects in several areas including, but not limited to, the following:
Automated Robotic Vapor Adsorption Test (ARVAT)

Design and integration of a full automatic Robotic Test Facility for around the clock automated test of military
protective Battle Dress Over garment (BDO)
Robotic Manufacturing Cell

This is a proposal to design manufacture and integrate third party equipment to produce Robotic Manufacturing
Cell to the US Navy China Lake California. The system will consist of a CNC turning center and a CNC vertical
machining center integrated with a robotic arm and part feed system. The robotic cell will be configured and
tooled to produce a test part. The proposed system will load/unload parts to and from the turning and milling
center producing a finished part……. More Detail
FTIR Spectrometer Gas Test Chamber

This test chamber was developed to test the functionality of FTIR spectrometer analytical mobile broadband
infrared detection system (HAWK). HAWK was developed by Bruker Daltonics to detect and identify Chemical
Warfare Agents (CWA) and other gaseous chemical compound
Automated Manufacturing Teaching Laboratory

Integration of a full automated Design and Manufacturing Facility for research includes multiple computers linked
via an Ethernet network and SDRC Computer Aided Design software, Robotic Arm, CNC Vertical Machining
centers, CNC Turning Center, Wire EDM Machine and Sink EDM Machine........ More detail
Other systems included two Laser machining center that was designed and manufactured for the
Laser institute at Cairo University:

250 watt RF exited sealed CO2 Laser Machining Center with the following features:
X travel 24 inch
Y Travel 24 inch
Z travel 6 inch
Automatic focusing system

750 watt pulsed Nd:YAG laser with capacitive auto focus laser delivery system
CNC controlled with 3 axis travel
System is used in laser cutting and welding
Morcon Technologies, Inc.
Manual Vapor Adsorption Test Cell
The system is capable of manually performing vapor permeation tests using simulant as well as agent (like
blistering agent)........More detail